NPO法人 日本似顔絵アーティスト協会


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These are detail of last convention.


The contents of “Japan Grand Prix” are the following three:
1) Free Sketch Competition
2) Live Sketch Tournament
3) Studio Piece


1) Concerning Free Sketch Competition
During the competition, the competitors become each other’s models.
The artworks are to be displayed on the walls on which each individual is given their own area.
On the final day when all the drawings are exhibited, the competitors take a vote on whose artwork is the best.

The choice of models is up to the competitor.
It is up to you to draw from live, from photo, both is allowed.
The choice of drawing materials is also up to the artist.
However, the materials should be contained within the space each individual is given.
The competitor can draw as many as one desires.
For example, a one-big drawing or two will suffice.
Numbers of small drawings are also acceptable.
Combination of big drawings and small drawings is fine as well.

2) Live Sketch Tournament

A live sketch tournament will take place, under the name of “All-Japan Live Sketch Playoff”

The first 24 to apply will be accepted.
Drafting will take place on the first day of the meet.

Round 1 to 2 is a 10 minute competition of black-and-white live sketch.
Final match are 15 minute competitions; coloring required.

One can use any drawing material, but pens are markers are recommended.
The size of the paper must be A4 and the color is to be white.
Papers will be provided but it is the participant’s responsibility to prepare his/her own drawing board.
The application will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reach to its limit.
When applying, the applicant must not forget to notify his/her desire to participate in the live sketch tournament.
We ask for your understanding.

*we have stopped accepting any more applications because there is no more place available.

3) Studio Piece

*The model is only Japanese Celebrities.
*Size in A4.

Please submit it when you register on the day.