NPO法人 日本似顔絵アーティスト協会



Award List

  •  Best Caricature Artist
  •  Best Caricature work
  •  Outstanding Design Style (Stylish)
  •  Outstanding Exaggerated Style
  •  Outstanding Humorous (Funny)
  •  Outstanding Color Technique
  •  Best  Black and White work
  •  Best Live Sketch Artist
  •  Best studio piece

    Special Guests are coming!
    Mr.Christopher Tamlyn,
    President of ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists)

    from the U.S.A. will visit Japan!

    He has selected the artist he thinks “should come to the World Convention” as the “ISCA Special Award”.
    We are pleased to announce that the artists selected for the “ISCA Special Award” will receive an official ISCA certificate, prizes, and a one-year free ISCA membership!
    He will be on site during the this Japan Grand Prix 2023 and we hope you will enjoy interacting with him.