NPO法人 日本似顔絵アーティスト協会

About us


Nihon Nigaoe Artist Association (NNAA)

What is Nihon Nigaoe Artist Association (NNAA) ?

The following are the purposes of our function as NNAA:
・Creating value and expanding acknowledgement of caricature
・Supporting caricature artists in how they develop their skills
・Energizing local development and international culture exchanges
by holding international competitions.

Up to this point, Japanese Convention & Competition has held Minicon as Japan Chapter of ISCA(International Society of Caricature Artist); the head quarter, which resides in the US.

Although ISCA Japan Chapter has been acknowledged as an authenticated organization, because it is not acknowledged as a proper group, there were complexities in managing organizations and running championships domestically.

Japan Grand Prix is where all the artists within and outside of Japan gather and compete with each other, using their originality as weapons. You may also call it where every artist’s dream comes true, for the place becomes a stage where they learn from each other’s unique skills and deepen friendships.

NNAA aims to run Japan Grand Prix under a more stable management of the organization by establishing unique domestic nonprofit organization and at the same time, succeeding the function as ISCA Japan chapter.
Another aim is to implement the purpose of our function, based upon the growing trust in how we operate the organization.


 Committee Members


President Kage
Vice president Yukiya Yamanaka
Board member Ryo Yonemori / Hitomi Ishihara
Auditor Hidekazu Kurahashi
Advisor Tomokazu Tabata
Secretary Yoko Yamamori / koto / Mina Sakashita / yommy.



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