NPO法人 日本似顔絵アーティスト協会



The contents of “Japan Grand Prix 2023” are the following two:
1) Free Sketch Competition
2) Live Sketch Tournament
3)Studio Piece



1) Concerning Free Sketch Competition
During the competition, the competitors become each other’s models.
The artworks are to be displayed on the walls on which each individual is given their own area.
On the final day when all the drawings are exhibited, the competitors take a vote on whose artwork is the best.

The choice of models is up to the competitor.
It is up to you to draw from live, from photo, both is allowed.
The choice of drawing materials is also up to the artist.
However, the materials should be contained within the space each individual is given.
(W60 cm × H220 cm)

The competitor can draw as many as one desires.
For example, a one-big drawing or two will suffice.
Numbers of small drawings are also acceptable.
Combination of big drawings and small drawings is fine as well.


Basically, you are free to use any materials you like, but as a rule, we prohibit the use of materials that emit a strong odor (oil paints, turpentine oil, paint or spray that smells strongly of paint thinner, etc.) since the rooms are indoors. If you wish to use painting materials that may stain the floor, please be sure to prepare your own sheets or other protective measures.
*If you wish to use pastels, pencils, or other materials that can be sprayed on a painting to fix it to the screen, please do so outdoors.

2) Live Sketch Tournament

Within the allotted time, several people will draw a portrait on the same model.
Any drawing material is acceptable, but pens and markers are recommended.
Paper should be about A4 size and white in color.
Digital drawing on an iPad or other digital device is possible, but due to voting and other reasons, analog drawing is recommended.

Conditions for participation are
(1) Must be a contestant of JAPAN GRAND PRIX 2023.
(2) Be at the venue on Thursday, March 16 (14:00-16:00) and Friday, March 17 (13:00-14:30), the day of the competition.

This year’s “Live Sketch Tournament” will be open to the public.
In addition, we will be live-streaming the tournament on our youtube account.

3) Studio Piece

A “studio piece” is a piece created prior to the competition.
Since they can be created in advance, even those who are not good at creating pieces in a short period of time
It is possible to create a piece that fully demonstrates your ability.

Please choose a Japanese model who is (or was) active in the world in the past, present, music, sports, etc., and bring your work to the competition venue on the day of the competition.

Any size from A4 to A3 is acceptable.
Semi-3-dimensional works are also acceptable, as long as they can be displayed on a wall.
No framing is required, but you may frame your work if necessary.
The number of works is also free.