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English information about “JAPAN Mini-Con – Online”


The “JAPAN Mini-Con – Online” is an online version of the ‘JAPAN GRAND PRIX’, a caricature competition in Japan.

During the event, free drawing, seminars, and playful art fights will be held online.
In the main competition, free drawing, you can draw the participants you want to draw, or have them draw you.
After the deadline has passed, participants will vote for the artist with the most votes, and the artist with the most votes will be announced at the award ceremony.
(The works to be voted on must have been drawn during the event time.

This year’s event will be held online, so we will be using zoom and Discord to connect with each other from the comfort of your own home, in between work and home chores, and have fun drawing together.

We’d be happy to share a good time with caricature artists from all over the world, like you guys!



July 11,2021 Participating Artists List have been uploaded!

“JAPAN Mini-Con – Online” Q&A

[Event Details]

Event Title JAPAN Mini-Con – Online
Date 2021/7/12(Mon.) – 16 (Fri.) JAPAN Standard Time(JST) :UTC+9
Place Online
Organizing Nihon Nigaoe Artist Association
  • 7/12(Mon.) Opening Event
  • 7/13(Tue.)- 15(Thu.) Main competition, free drawing,
  • 7/16 (Fri. ) Awards ceremony
Entry fee <Outside Japan>  3,300 JPY

*We’re sorry, but we don’t send commemorative gifts overseas.

  • caricature artworks Most Outstanding artwork
  • stylish Most stylish
  • kawaii / comical Cutest/Funniest
  • exaggeration Outstanding Exaggerated
  • technique Best technique
  • surprise Bigest surprised
  • likeness Best likeness
  • Guest speaker
Seminar Mr. Xi Ding



Day 1: Monday, July 12, 20:00-

20:00- Opening Event
20:30- Rules explanation
21:00-22:00 Art fight (*1)
22:00- Free drawing (*2)    Start

Day 2: Tuesday, July 13

10:00-11:00 Break time-01   (*3)
Moring coffee time (with Yukiya)
22:00-22:40 Likeness Competition-01 (*4)

Day 3: Wednesday, July 14

10:00-11:30 Xi Ding Special seminar
12:00-13:00 Break time-02
Lunch Time (with Yukiya)
22:00-22:40 Likeness Competition-02

Day 4: Thursday, July 15

14:00-14:40 Likeness Competition-03
15:00-15:30 Break time-03
Tea Time (with Yukiya)
-24:00 Stop drawing & Posting

Day 5: Friday, July 16     -22:30

00:00-10:00 Voting
20:00〜20:30 Break time-04
Dinner Time(Dinner with Yukiya)
20:30-21:30 Awards ceremony
21:30-22:30 Let’s party!!!!

*Please note that the timetable is subject to change.

You can download the program here.


[competition rules]

*1 Art fight You have 10 minutes to create a work on the theme you have been given! Enjoy it as a game.
*2 Free drawing
We will use zoom and Discord to connect online from the comfort of your home, and participants will have fun drawing together.

In addition to drawing directly, each participant will be asked to prepare a photo of themselves so that they can draw from that photo.

All participants are requested to upload their works to the designated folder by the end of the creation time (24:00, July 15), and all participants will vote for their favorite.

The artist with the most votes will be announced at the award ceremony.

The award will be given to this competition.

*3 Break time 01-04 Yukiya Yamanaka, the president of the board of directors, will lead a relaxed and informal chat with the participants via zoom.
*4 Likeness Competition 01-03 You will have 40 minutes to create your work. You will have 5 minutes to draw a portrait of the person you have chosen and upload it to the designated folder on Discord.

【Participating Artists List】

(Artists/112 people)As of July 12,2021

  • #101 Satsuki
  • #102 Eiichiro Hira
  • #103 Takae Yamada
  • #104 Hyejeong Kim
  • #105 Tomokazu Tabata
  • #106 Miyako Ueba
  • #107 yashico
  • #108 Mei
  • #109 Junichi Tani
  • #110 Ganji
  • #111 ★MIHO★
  • #112 Haegyeong Park
  • #113 Xi Ding
  • #114 Inhwa Lee
  • #115 Eri Ikeda
  • #116 Shiroko
  • #117 Seonhui Kim
  • #118 Won Yeong
  • #119 Geunhui Ko
  • #120 mariko
  • #121 ryul seo
  • #122 eun ha lee
  • #123 youngeun kang
  • #124 PONTA
  • #125 Seongik Lim
  • #126 Ichigo M. Abe
  • #127 Mitsu
  • #128 chinami
  • #129 Yukiya Yamanaka
  • #130 jeongjin min
  • #131 Sunnyeo Um
  • #132 miki
  • #133 Micchii..
  • #134 Sato.
  • #135 Migyeong Hong
  • #136 Jeongmin Lee
  • #137 TAG3
  • #138 Sakura Kobayashi
  • #139 insook shin
  • #140 Hisako Miyaguchi
  • #141 Miyuki Kaga
  • #142 Kimunami
  • #143 Roni
  • #144 Byeongju Kim
  • #145 kunikazu.
  • #146 Myeongok Lee
  • #147 donghoon lee
  • #148 yu jeong lee
  • #149 Chihiro
  • #150 Yuko Zengo
  • #151 Jaeyeon Shim
  • #152 Syouwarenzu
  • #153 yijung yang
  • #154 Hyeonmi Kim
  • #155 Chiro Yamamoto
  • #156 Yuki Kametani
  • #157 Yupi
  • #158 Handa Nanda
  • #159 soonyoung park
  • #160 Horyong No
  • #161 Koto
  • #162 Ai Kadota
  • #163 Mayumiso
  • #164 Mizuka Sekine
  • #165 Jangmi Kim
  • #166 Ryo Yonemori
  • #167 Nanako Saga
  • #168 HUI
  • #169 Sky Yong
  • #170 IKKOU Miyajima
  • #171 Lorin Bernsen
  • #172 Salihin Suran
  • #173 Baek Geuma
  • #174 Kamal Dollah
  • #175 Tank Lee
  • #176 Vivian Lees
  • #177 Yoshie Karashima
  • #178 Jeovine
  • #179 Erik Roadfeldt
  • #180 Wang Ruimin
  • #181 Ali R Thome
  • #182 Alice Lim
  • #183 Tony Wong
  • #184 Jan Op De Beeck
  • #185 Manny Manval Avetisyan
  • #186 Alex Lee
  • #187 Choi JiHye
  • #188 David Wong
  • #189 Choi Jina
  • #190 Wan Cheuk Wun
  • #191 Kaexi Ng
  • #192 WendyLai_hk
  • #193 Wu chih-hsien
  • #194 sang joon seo
  • #195 dong jin kim
  • #196 Chai Chun Fung
  • #197 Millie Velasco
  • #198 chang gil joo
  • #199 tae soo kim
  • #200 Mika Marui
  • #201 kimio
  • #202 Noriko
  • #203 SHIH, KUAN YU(SKY)
  • #204 Chi hyun Park
  • #205 Yasuko Okinaka
  • #206 yui
  • #207 Jessica Raschella
  • #208 Katie Green
  • #209 Dustin Clark
  • #210 Derek Edwards
  • #211 Christopher Tamlyn
  • #212 Dan McMahan


・We want to make Discord a fun place to interact for this convention. We ask all models to please refrain from forced posing or wearing a costume when getting their reference photos taken.

・It is prohibited to exchange money or to make individual sales on the convention server.

・The rules that you must attend the chat room while creating your work will not apply. You can draw whenever and wherever you want, for as long as long as you like.

・Please be punctual for submission of Likeness Competition artworks. For any reason, we can’t post after the deadline. Thank you for your understanding.

・Inviting others to Discord for this convention is prohibited without permission from the Board.

・This convention is a closed event with a fee, so posting photos used in the Likeness Competition on social media is prohibited.


・Please give each artwork a number and a letter when uploading it to the server (e.g., when the artist number is #110, use 110-A, 110-B, 110-C, etc…..instead of 110-1, 110-2, 110-3, etc.).

・You can create a lot of funny artwork, but please don’t make anything slanderous or discriminatory against the models.

・If the Board of Directors determines that a particular piece of work is inappropriate or in bad taste, the artist may be notified and the artwork may be modified or deleted before the voting begins.

・You are not allowed to post past works or pre-produced works for this convention. Please post only the works you drew during the convention.

・All convention artwork must be based on participants (not celebrities or non-participants).

・In principle, please choose your models based on the reference photos submitted for this convention. You may look at other photos on social media, but we ask that you base your artwork on current photos, provided during the mini-con.

・All works eligible for voting must be made during that period.


・The wall space can be viewed by anyone in the server, but only one artist can post on the designated wall.

・We ask that all participants please upload each artwork in a JPEG format, with a file size no larger than 50MB. Unlike ordinary competitions, there is no limit to the number and dimensions of pieces that an artist can post.

・When the convention is over, the chat room and all walls will be locked at the scheduled time, and no new works will be posted after this time.



“JAPAN Mini-Con – Online” Q&A




The works completed during the period will be put up on the wall with your number written on it. All the participants view the works and vote on them. This year’s competition is an attempt to build a wall on the Internet and hold this competition online! This is an attempt to make this competition online.

We look forward to your participation from around the world!